Runic Expanded 8-line

by Jon on December 12, 2011

Today’s typeface is officially known as Hamilton No. 289. I bought this as part of my big shop purchase last year. Along with the two printing presses came a treasure trove of wood type. Every drawer had something more beautiful than the last. I think even if I didn’t want the presses, I would have bought the shop just for the type! I basically doubled the size of my collection in one fell swoop. It was certainly easier than trolling eBay, hoping to get lucky.
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Gothic Pointed Inline 5 line

by Jon on November 18, 2011

For the first post, I figure I’ll start off with one of my favorites. This is Gothic Pointed Inline, 5 line (5 picas tall), uppercase only, as named in Gregory Ruffa’s fine compendium, The Art of Wood Type. 

I wish I could remember how I purchased this. Something tells me it was at an auction about 6 or 7 years ago up in northern New Jersey. I remember buying as much as I could afford, then realizing I had to bring it all home that day in my Mini Cooper. That was a fun ride home! At least now I could answer the never-asked question, “How much wood type can a Mini Cooper hold?”

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The Catalog

by Jon on November 10, 2011

After having amassed a semi-respectable collection of wood type over the years (and still going!), I decided I need to organize and document what I have. So, Good Wood is born. My plan is to feature a new typeface every few weeks, including a photo of the set itself along with a proof of some of the characters. As I have over 100 typefaces, I figure this should keep me going for a few years. I hope you enjoy.